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Cell Phone Repair Near Me – Troy

Cell Phone Repair Near Me – Troy

Marie was in need of a fix so she did a search for Cell Phone Repair Near Me. She was in the Troy area and had dropped her iPhone 7 on the ground. The result was a pretty brutal crack through the center of her screen. Not happy, Marie began looking for options to get her phone fixed.

Was there such a company that could replace the broken screen on her iPhone 7? How long would it take? Fortunately when she typed it Cell Phone Repair Near Me an amazing company called iRepairTroy popped right up. Marie clicked on our website and was delighted to learn that we’re a mobile service that travels to customers for free. She discovered we can even do the repair right in front of her. Sold, she said. A few moments later she called up and set up an appointment.

We met Marie at the Dessert Oasis in Troy. Over a cup of coffee, we replaced the broken iPhone 7 screen right in front of her. She was amazed! How could such a service even exist. Brilliant! In just under 25 minutes, we successfully replaced the cracked screen on her cell phone. If you or any one you know has recently done a search for Cell Phone Repair Near Me in the Troy area, point them in our direction. We’d love to help out and bring those iPhones back to life.


Fix my iPhone Screen in Troy

Fix my iPhone Screen in Troy

Liz rang us up today after doing a search for ‘fix my iPhone Screen in Troy’ turned up our service at iRepairTroy. She was in a pickle – her iPhone 6S bit the dust and was not working properly. Liz knew it would turn on and she could her text messages coming through. But the iPhone screen was completely cracked. It was not pretty.

Fix My iPhone Screen in Troy

After asking around, she decided to turn to the trusty internet to find someone that could replace the cracked screen on her iPhone 6S. Please! Someone! Fix my iPhone Screen in Troy, she thought. Luckily, with a few clicks, she found iRepairTroy- the #1 iPhone Screen Repair Service in Troy. We offer free, on-site iPhone screen repair in 25 minutes.

iPhone Screen Repair in Troy

Within a few minutes, she called us using her office phone and set up an appointment for an hour later. We met her at her office and got right to work. In about 20 minutes, we had Liz’s iPhone 6S back to normal and working as if nothing ever happened. She was delighted! Liz could get back in touch with all her friends and catch up on all the happenings in her life.

If you or anyone you know is making that same search – fix my iPhone Screen in Troy – have them give us a call or text today. We have been doing iPhone repairs for nearly 10 years and love what we do. We try to make the process as convenient as possible. We have met customers at their offices, local coffee shops, barber shops – while they got their hair cut, bars, restaurants, just about anywhere with a table or desk. Get in touch with us today and we’ll set up an appointment with you to get those iPhones fixed today!

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