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Troy iPhone Screen Repair

Monica began her search by typing in Troy iPhone Screen Repair. She was the unfortunate owner of an iPhone 6S that had taken a tumble. It all happened when she reached in her purse to grab her iPhone. Something must have caught the corner of the phone because it dropped out of her hand and went crashing to the cement floor. The result was not pretty. A cracked screen. The bezel was started to come off from the frame. And the LCD screen appeared to have been damaged too.

iPhone Screen Fixed in 20 Minutes!

Sadden and discouraged, Monica looked for a Troy iPhone screen repair service that could fix her phone fast. Within a few moments she found an amazing service that goes to its customers and fixes iPhones in 25 minutes. Yup – you guessed it. iRepairTroy. We are a Troy iPhone Screen Repair service that offers free, on-site phone repair for locals. We have been doing this for nearly 10 years. We loved helping out folks who have been walking around town with cracked screens.

We Come To You

After looking through our website and learning of similar situations of people dropping their phones, she decided to give us a call. We set up an appointment with Monica for an hour later. Her choice of location was a table right outside of her office building. It was a beautiful day and things began to look brighter for Monica once we put a new screen on for her. If you know any one that is in a similar bind, have them get in touch with us today!

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